Dale Hutchison, Chris Wimsett and Dale Dignum will be handling setting up golf on Saturday morning May 18th. Green fees for Hawk's Landing are  $75.00  plus tax.
The Golf Course is located at the hotel. If you would like to play please contact Dale or Dale.  We were thinking of a scramble format on Saturday depending on how many golfers we get.  We only have room for 2 more players.

Dale Hutchison: hutch1951@comcast.net
Dale Dignum:  daledignum@aol.com

Who's playing so far on Satudrday 5/18
                                   Chris Wimsett     Vicki Rice
                                   Dale Hutchison    Tim Rice
                                   Dale Dignum        John Smolak
                                   TerryFerrero         Mike Dely
                                   Craig Martin          Tommy Fields
                                   Ron McGinnis       Julian Dalzell
                                   Rick Farres 
                                   Dan Elliot